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Into the Woods (Youth Conservatory)


"Into the Woods," performed by the talented young actors of the South Pasadena Theatre Workshop's Youth Conservatory program in 2010, enchanted audiences with its magical blend of classic fairy tales. Directed with flair and finesse, the production transported audiences into a whimsical world where familiar characters embarked on a journey through the woods, encountering challenges, making wishes, and discovering the consequences of their actions. With vibrant costumes, imaginative and minimal set design, and captivating performances, this rendition of "Into the Woods" captivated hearts and minds, leaving a lasting impression on all who experienced its enchanting tale.


Sally Smythe


Libby Rainey as The Witch

Jake Folsom as The Baker

Madeline Godwin as The Baker’s Wife

Tai Carter as Cinderella

Grant Genske as Cinderella’s Prince/The Big Bad Wolf

Shaelan O’Connor as Little Red Ridinghood

Charlie Patterson as Jack

Cole Rainey as The Narrator/The Mysterious Man

Max Herzfeld as Rapunzel’s Prince

Jane Davidson as Jack’s Mother

Chloé Cavelier as Rapunzel/Cinderella’s Mother

Delaney Carter, Ruby Muller, and Sophie Negrini as Cinderella’s Stepfamily

Albert Muzquiz as The Steward


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