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Our Country's Good

MAY & JUNE 2022

Based on Thomas Keneally’s historical novel, “The Playmaker,” Our Country’s Good tells the true story of Australia’s first theatrical performance in 1789. The new penal colony in New South Wales, in what is now the city of Sydney, is populated by British Royal Navy, Marines, convicted petty thieves, prostitutes, and murderers. A Royal Marine lieutenant casts a motley group of convicts to present a Restoration comedy for the celebration of King Goerge III’s birthday. In order to defend his production to both the British officers and the criminals, he must convince them that “there is more to life than crime and punishment.” The play is produced against a backdrop of food shortages and barbaric prison punishments. Yet as the barrier between captors and captives breakdown, they start to discover each other both on stage and behind the scenes.


Pat Towne

Robert Cesario

Kila Packett

Tavis Baker

Patrick Brooker

Sam Cass

Esdras Toussaint

Schuyler Mastain

Grace Hawthorn

Daisy Donohue

Michaela Ivey

Danny Brown

Production Team

Set Designer: Clay Wilcox

Costume Designer: Lena Sands

Light Designer: Leigh Allen

Sound Designer: Nick Foran

Prop Master: Rachel Ross-Sullivan

Dialect Coach: Deborah Ross-Sullivan




In the Press

"Like a lotus flower in full bloom growing through mud, beauty and laughter is created in the most dire of circumstances, and “Our Country’s Good” is a stirring tale that poignantly illustrates the power of the creative spirit." - Alisa Hayashida, South Pasadenan

"Our Country's Good wrestles with themes prominent in a colonial world: a penal system that allows the corrupt to abuse their power; a bombastic, yet sincere discussion of how society should be treating the imprisoned; the subjugation and abuse of women; forbidden love; and the effects of PTSD on soldiers." - A. A. Cristi, Broadway World


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